Open-source intelligence for business and online reputation


  I Want To Know is a Normandy-based agency whose speciality is to collect and analyse online open sources information for its customers, so as to improve their business and online reputation.

  • We provide our clients with regular and up-to-date analysis about how they are perceived online,
  • We give them a clear vision of the different spheres that compose their online environment,
  • We guide them to efficiently interact with this environment through social media.



Frecnh woman in Paris


As a foreign company or organisation, if you want to know how :

  • your actions,
  • brands,
  • products,
  • events,
  • or leaders are perceived on the French speaking web, ask for our online reputation bulletin.

Discover how many and which are the sources spreading your information. Do they have influence ? Has your statement prompted any reaction ? What is the tonality of the discussion ?


Our specialists, expert of the French context, will collect and analyse all available data (both quantitative and qualitative) to meet your need in information.

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